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Youth/adolescent enlightenment group that seeks to educate teenagers on sex and sexuality education, adolescent sexual reproductive health, drug and alcohol abuse, gender based violence, good  hygiene, menstrual health education and making of focus career choices based on passion and acquisition of skills.




Dear friends,

TPI want to thank you for helping us reach out and almost achieving our targets last year. We look forward to working with you this year for more school visits and platforms organization.

TPI started the year with great anticipation of tremendous possibilities of reaching out to at least 4,500 teenagers/adolescents (1500 per quarter), so we have profiled a lot of schools to visit in Lagos and Ibadan but we have challenges and issues of fund raising for logistics, safety during election preparations but it has been a most productive and successful time as we concentrated on the website and social media platforms developments, proposals drafting and effective strategizing on how to reach out to more schools especially in the South-western region of Nigeria, then to expand to the other geopolitical zones as we cover more schools.

I appreciate our noble trustees, volunteers and partners for their support always and pray that their gardens too shall be watered.

God bless TPI!


 Future starts now.



To be a world class renowned organisation known for the creation and mentoring of power leaders through best teaching methodologies and productive learning technology.


To empower teenagers/adolescents with relevant education on sexuality, good menstrual hygiene and focus career choices.

Focus strategies

  1. We are to deploy best possible teaching methodologies and technology to impact knowledge to the youngsters.
  2. To help link business competitiveness of the corporate with social development initiatives, thereby driving corporate social responsibilities towards sex education, hence reducing teenage pregnancies and building power leaders who have control over their emotions and sexuality.


Teens-talk Platform Initiative (TPI) is the dream child of the founder, Ifechukwude Ogbolu popularly known as Duchess Ify and had nursed the idea from her secondary days when she participated in volunteer programs to encourage other youths to pursue their dreams even when she was not sure of what the future had in store for her. She helped to organize talk shows and platforms, teachers-parents-students interactive sessions and debate competitions where teenagers expressed themselves via public presentations skills and increase their knowledge base while learning from older people’s experiences.

When admitted into the university, she continued to talk to teenagers in secondary schools and church programs on sex education, abstinence, menstrual hygiene, choice of career path and skill acquisition.

In 2013, after graduation and being gainfully employed, she still knew something was missing as she identified a gap that still had to be filled, she saw teenage schoolgirls dropping out of school because of unplanned pregnancies, she sees adolescents being diagnosed of sexual transmitted infections and youths wasting away due to alcohol/drug abuse. She knew she had to do something. She then embarked on a mission to reach out to more teenagers, to enlighten and educate them on the dangers of early exposure to sex, sexual orientations, gender identity, reproductive rights and responsibilities.

With the help of her friends, family and colleagues, she resumed her passion, organized talk platforms in schools, distributes notepads where the teenagers can write their goals, dreams and aspirations and plans on how to achieve them. Also, distributes sanitary pads to the girls and teach them on menstrual hygiene management. 

In 2018, TPI was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under Incorporated Trustees and stands as a Non-for-Profit Organization.

She partners with experienced trustees, educators, counsellors, tutors, volunteers and partners who also have the interest of these youngsters at heart and want to help out in any form, in order to disseminate this information and reduce the growing pandemics of teenage pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse and unhealthy lifestyles amongst young persons.

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Thank you.


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